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Mon, 31 Dec 2018

New Year Party

San Francisco three-piece live band PillowTalk are surprising dance music treasures. Manipulating pop melodies, classic R&B, soul and boogie into the loose rhythms of house music and performing live on stages in nightclub settings across the world.
You know the words to their songs every time you hear them played, so much that you might even feel like you know them or have glimpsed into their closets. 
Record spans everything you want from the band: sun splashed jams to peak time party tunes.

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Hazy Pockets
Cowboy-conjurer, dedicated disco dilettante, Berlin DJ by way of Texas and California, Joel Isaac Black is a memorable, if not divisive figure, a tireless soul man preaching boogie music in a robotic techno town. Pushing his audience into vehement elation with relentless disco-house, acid-funk, and blues-stomp, Joel's ultimate dedication is your enjoyment.

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Doors Open - 01:00 
PillowTalk - 02:00
Hazy Pockets – 04:00


Seated Tickets (includes Champagne and Sweets):
I Basket - 270 Gel
II Basket/On Door - 300 Gel

Standing Tickets :
I Basket - 100 Gel 
II Basket - 120 Gel
III Basket/On Door - 140 Gel

TBC Status members will get 10% cash back on all category tickets.
Club IVERIA offers special privileges to club members for all category tickets: Classic – 10%, Silver - 20%, Gold/VIP – free. 
For more information please contact Club Iveria service centre: +995322907777.

For group reservations please call: 599425555, 577222223, 59996903
Admission for people under 21 is not allowed. Security reserves theirs rights to check ID cards at the entrance. 


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