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Jan 2 2019 - Jan 2 2019

Green Room – #comeback at Republic

Club IVERIA offers special privileges to club members for all category tickets: Classic - 10%, Silver - 20%, Gold/VIP - free. For more information please contact Club Iveria service center: +995322907777. 📞 For group reservations please call: 599425555, 577222223, 599969031. 🛈 Green Room was formed back in 1999 by Jazz Academy students – Achiko Guledani and Beka Japaridze. After releasing the first single – “Where is the Sun”, the band recorded two albums “Mtsvane Otakhi” (2001) and “Shutdown” (2003). From 2007 to 2018 the band changed its musical direction and they performed under the name of “Green Room”. After a long and successful career, this concert will celebrate the return of the bands' inaugural project - Mtsvane Otakhi, together with some fresh songs, that will be premiered at this concert. The band is now having a collaboration with a singer Uma J. Within this collaboration they released a single “L for Love”, that will appear in their forthcoming album. ♪ Mtsvane Otakhi will perform new versions of old hits: Misebi, Yellow River, Love Story, ჩემთან აღარ ხარ, Summertime, Bird, Lost, L for Love, ვსუნთქავ and many more. Band Members: Achiko Guledani - vocals, guitar. Beka Japaridze - keyboards. Gvantsa Japaridze (Uma J) - vocals. Zviad (Ziko) Nazghaidze - guitar. Gio (Lipo) Liparteliani - bass. Daniel Adikashvili - drums. Levan (Kemo) Kemularia - trumpet.
  • Jan 2 2019 - Jan 2 2019


Standing Tickets:
I Basket – 40 GEL.
II Basket- 60 GEL.
III Basket / on door – 80 GEL.

Seated Tickets (includes Champagne and Sweets):
I basket- 150 GEL.
II basket – 180 GEL.
III basket – 200 GEL.

Club IVERIA offers special privileges to club members for all category tickets: Classic – 15%, Silver – 30%, Gold – 50%, VIP – free.
For more information, please contact the Club Iveria service center: +995322907777.
TBC Status – TBC status members will get 10% cashback.

For group reservations please call: 577 222223 or 599600053

Admission for people under 21 is not allowed. Security reserves theirs rights to check ID cards at the entrance.