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Feb 14 - Feb 15 2020

Valentines day with MF Robots at Republic

On Valentine's Day, February 14th, at Republic MF Robots... The name already dictates how original, expansive music and musicians we will experience listening to. Project creators Jan Kincaid and Dawn Joseph attribute this description to their own creativity: "It's about liberation from musical restraints and perceptions; You just have to do it for yourself and have a good time, and make sure the audience is having a good time with you. " So, celebrate Valentine's Day at Republic with MF Robots. Georgian DJ, Frankie Beatnik will also perform on the scene. Seated Tickets (include Champagne and appetizers): Doors open -22:00 00:00 - MF Robots 02:00 - Frankie Beatnik
  • Feb 14 - Feb 15 2020



Private: MF Robots

Standing Tickets:
I Basket – 40 Gel
II Basket – 60 Gel
III Basket/On Door – 80 Gel


Club IVERIA offers special privileges to club members for all category tickets: Classic – 15%, Silver – 30%, Gold – 50%, VIP – free.
For more information, please contact the Club Iveria service center: +995322907777.
TBC Status – TBC status members will get 10% cashback.

For group reservations please call: 577 222223 or 599600053

Admission for people under 21 is not allowed. Security reserves theirs rights to check ID cards at the entrance.