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Oct 25 2019 - Oct 25 2019

Republic Events E2 • Crazy P at Republic

25th of October, Republic Events and Club IVERIA presents: An unforgettable night with UK’s finest dance music innovators and incredible performers Crazy P full live band. Knowing that the group would skyrocket the British electronic music scene, Crazy P was founded by Jim Baron and Chris Todd in Nottingham, England. It was soon joined by Danielle Moore and began to unleash their creativity with their DJ, Soundsystem and live shows. Highly respected for their musical knowledge, selection and skilled production, Crazy P is truly unique in songwriting and incredible live performances. Electronic, melodic, beats and disco all flow through the now legendary live shows, which see the three members joined on stage by Matt Klose on drums and Tim Davies on bass. Live really does mean live, Danielle holds the stage with an energy like no other. What she gives vocally, musically and physically in performance only adds to fuel her now renowned audience interaction. Danielle’s humor and stage presence has fans locked in until the end. You think you ‘know’ Crazy P, but you don’t really ‘know’ until you have experienced the live show. At the beginning of the night Georgian up-and-comer live performer, renowned for her leftfield electro-pop music Creams will take the stage. At the and of event Tobako Tween
  • Oct 25 2019 - Oct 25 2019


Standing Tickets:
I Basket – 40 Gel
II Basket – 60 Gel
III Basket/On Door – 80 Gel


Seated Tickets (includes Tsinandali Estate Extra Brut and appetizers)
For additional info please call: +995 577 222223

TBC Status members will get 10% cash back on all category tickets.

Club IVERIA offers special privileges to club members for all category tickets: Classic – 15%, Silver – 30%, Gold-50%, VIP – free. Club Iveria service centre: +995322907777.

Age restriction 21+