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Sat, 23 Mar 2019

Jazzanova & Super Flu

Republic and “Club Iveria” present eclectic collective from Berlin - Jazzanova Live and German dance music duo Super Flu!
Doors Open - 21:00
Jazzanova Live – 22:00
Super Flu – 00:30
For more than 20 years the eclectic collective Jazzanova from Berlin has been busy producing, composing, arranging, remixing, djing and generally shaping our musical world – in the clubs, on the air, in the studio, live on stage and with their label Sonar Kollektiv.
“Their very fertile musical world has dominated the jazz-dance and down-tempo scenes for the past few years, both with its own label and with countless remixes” (Time Out New York).
Spreading their sounds and ideas with inspired DJ sets, Jazzanova’s DJs were among the first DJs from Berlin in demand all around the world. The Pool, Jazzanova’s most mature and musical album yet, welcomes a host of talented collaborators. All bring their own distinctive flavors while retaining a real sense of Jazzanova’s musical identity. With its new album, Jazzanova promises to have the beats pumping, floor buzzing and your feet moving with their classic blend of jazz, funk, soul, dance, disco and Latin music. You’ll want to be part of the fascinating story and journey of Jazzanova.
Frequent guests of the largest music festivals around the world, Super Flu is a German project famous for its unique performance and style. Duo has released 5 albums, more than 50 remixes and dozens of singles. The ambition of Super Flu is to connect traditional and modern electronic music based on vitality and joy of life. Super Flu’s acoustic art takes musically a step forward – and still, it remains techno with more than just one level!


Seated Tickets (includes “Tsinandali Estate” wines and appetizers):
100 GEL - 200 GEL
Lounge for 6 persons for 1000 GEL 
Standing Tickets :
I Basket – 40 GEL (Early Bird) SOLD OUT
II Basket - 60 GEL
III Basket - 80 GEL
“TBC Status” members will get 10% cash back on all category tickets.
“Club IVERIA” offers special privileges to club members for all category tickets: Classic – 10%, Silver - 20%, Gold/VIP – free. 
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